Greenland with Warren Miller

When I got the call from Warren Miller this winter to film with them again this spring I was pumped. They gave me the option between Alaska and Greenland. Tough Choice, but despite Alaska being the pinnacle of big mountain skiing, I decided one doesn’t get opportunities to go to Greenland very often so I went with Greenland. The trip was put on with The Climate Reality Project and I Am Pro Snow to help highlight how climate change has been affected Greenland and how that effects the rest of the world.

Getting to Greenland is quite the endeavor; you have to fly right over Greenland to Copenhagen then fly most of the way back. Unfortunately the airlines lost my ski bag so I didn’t want to venture to one of the most isolated places in the world without the necessary equipment. When I finally got my bag there weren’t any flights Greenland that day. So after 3 days in Copenhagen I finally made it to Manitoq, Greenland. From there we loaded onto to the Kisaq our boat and home. The other athletes on the trip were Mark Abma and Michelle Parker; two of the best big mountain skiers out there. I was really looking forward to learning from them. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best snow conditions (4inches of powder on hard refrozen and glacial ice). It has been an unusually warm winter in Greenland and in the 50s the week before we arrived which in a way played into the climate change story.

We mostly skied pretty mellow scenic lines. Even though the snow was not amazing, the guides were able to find us some fun skiing. With good snow conditions the skiing in Greenland would be amazing. The whole experience of living on the boat, the scenery and the crew made for an awesome time. I wish I could have spent more time up there but I had to cut the trip short to film Pre Olympic Promos in LA with NBC along with a bunch of other Olympic hopefuls.

The Kisaq: our home in Greenland.

The Heli ripping around a glacier as it enters the ocean.

Riding shotgun. Kare our pilot was amazing!

View from the top of one of the lines.