NYE 2013: Munich City Event: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Since arriving back in Europe on the 29th from Christmas in Park City, I trained for two days in Reiteralm, Austria. We trained a day of GS and a day of Slalom. I drove up to Munich on NYE’s and went out to Marienplatz to check out the German way of bringing in the New Year with Jens Byggmark and a couple of his close friends. Marienplatz was like a warzone, the picture is below and I am happy we made it out alive. It was crazy how lax they were on letting people set off fireworks wherever, definitely different from home.

On New Years day was the city event. In the first round I was seeded against my buddy and the face of the event Germany’s Felix Neureuther. I won the first run against him by .06, but I lost on the second run after barging the start gate. The start gates at parallel events have been my nemesis the past couple years. Felix went on to dominate and win the event. I was psyched he won in front of a large home crowd. Below is a picture of the race hill and our dual.

What’s next? Back in Reiteralm training this week until the Zagreb Slalom race on Jan. 6th.