Portillo Camp

It’s one month to the first World Cup in Soelden and we are just finishing up camp in Portillo. Chile had a less than stellar snow year so we were a bit worried that this camp might not shape up. Yet we have had a great camp and used every bit of snow Portillo had left to offer. (First time I in my 7 years of coming here the lake was not frozen.) The only thing we miss out on was the usual big downhill jump, otherwise the conditions were perfect.

People are probably wondering how the new 35m GS skis are feeling: They definitely take some getting used to, aren’t easy to warm up on and take some more muscling but as long as the snow is hard, they ski well and are probably faster in most World Cup conditions. Out of principle I do have to say I still believe they are not safer, they will be hell for younger, smaller FIS kids and they don’t turn in soft soft. Though interestingly enough, the Speed skis are way easier for me to ski on.

Here’s a sampling of some of my training runs. (All runs are on the new skis).