Russia to Norway in 5 days

As you may already know last week I had the opportunity to train in Sochi on the Olympic course. I couldn’t pass it up, but it meant I had a hectic traveling schedule in order to squeeze in training in Sochi between the Garmisch, Germany GS Sunday and the Kvitfjell, Norway SuperG the following Sunday. I got some cool photos while in Sochi and wanted to share. They have made a lot of progress since I was there last year for the World Cup, but I was amazed at how much more work they have to do to get ready.

Security check to get on the Gondola

I got to free ski on the Olympic Downhill course, behind me is the Olympic village

This photo was taken from the top Gondola looking down on the bottom where all the courses converge and then separate again to the finish area

Sunrise on the top of the mountain

Military at the top of the mountain

Looking down on Krasnaya Polyana; the main town for mountain events

Kvjetfill, Norway was a beautiful stop on the World Cup as always, too bad I couldn’t spend more time there. I headed back to Germany for some training before Kranjska Gora GS and Slalom this weekend right after the Super G race.

I watched the DH race on Saturday from mid course….looks like I have a mustache!