Sochi, Russia

We are currently racing in Rosa Khutor the alpine site for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The downhill race was today in which I did not partake in and the Combined is tomorrow in which I hope to crush it. The downhill track here is one of the coolest hills in the world and has the ability to be legendary. This being the first time it’s ever been run I think organizers were nervous so they set it way to turny. It resembles a SuperG set more then a downhill but I’m guessing they will have that ironed out for the Olympics.

Outside the race venues this mountain is probably the best ski area you’ll never ski, since getting into Russia (visa-wise) is a feat unto itself and it’s not easy to get here/to Sochi. The mountain has something like 5000 feet of vertical and after the Olympics they will connect the three resorts here so it will be massive with incredible terrain. (Snowbird/Alta+JacksonX5=)

We landed in Sochi (via private jet with the Russian team) at 3am and construction was in full swing the entire hour drive to the hotel. I’ve never seen anything like it, it seems like they are starting completely from scratch; new roads, railways, hotels, lifts etc. The security is something else too. The security is infinitely tighter then the Olympics in Vancouver and similar to airport security to get on the gondola, other then many of the security personnel are carrying machine guns. It will be very interesting see what this place will be like for the Olympics!

I attempted to poach a few powder turns today and got a taste of the skiing and the security. Here’s a video: