Stunning Wengen

view from my hotel room…

Wengen, Switerland, sits nestled into the side of the alps only accessible by train and home to the notorious Lauberhorn Downhill and Slalom race. Personally I think it is the most beautiful stop on the World Cup Tour (as a competitor maybe a bit of a logistical nightmare to say the least). The Wengen ski resort and Downhill run sits below the famous Eiger known around the world as one of the toughest mountains to climb.

I skied in the Super Combined on Friday (combination of times for one downhill run and one slalom run). I came in 13th in the Downhill portion, so I felt good about my chances going into the slalom race, with a decent buffer over the slalom specialists. I skied pretty well in the SL run and was close to even with the eventual winner Alexis Pinturault until 3 gates from the finish when my ski fell off; a freak accident. Bummer. I was happy though for Alexis Pinturault to get the win adding to Shred’s World Cup win count, which is currently the most of any other helmet/goggle company.

I had set myself the goal of; top 10 in the DH portion of the Super Combi to race the DH, but since I fell just short of my self imposed criteria I skipped the DH to rest and to spectate the race live.

Wengen is said to get a crowd of 40,000 lined along the whole course. It is reachable for spectators from a train ride up to the top of the mountain (or helicopter from valley to start) and spectators travel along the course with skis, sleds or by foot. I skied down along the side of the track with the throngs of fans, who were boozing it up and setting up little fondue picnics along the course. As a spectator this would be an awesome sports experience to fully partake in whether you are a ski fan or not.

Another Sunday and another Slalom which is the theme for this time of year. I finished 13th, which interestingly enough is what I started, finished after first run and am in the year’s SL standings. I skied among the fastest for sections but made strings of costly mistakes as is the story of my SL season. Hopefully I can clean that up this weekend in Kitzbuhel. I’m racing the Downhill, Super G, and Slalom.